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April 2017

Lightyears. (Week 15: Fiction)


The blast of sound jolted my aching body from slumber. Continue reading “Lightyears. (Week 15: Fiction)”

A Conversation. (Week 14: Fiction)


“Salutations :P”

Continue reading “A Conversation. (Week 14: Fiction)”

Ash. (Week 13: Fiction)

She was motionless, curled up beneath borrowed clothes. Bitter cold somehow found its way to her pale hands, so she tucked them closer to her body. Continue reading “Ash. (Week 13: Fiction)”

Winter. (Week 12: Poetry)


It softly blankets the colourless soil,

Lifeless and cold after years of toil. Continue reading “Winter. (Week 12: Poetry)”

Autumn. (Week 11: Poetry)

I can feel again.

I can see again.

I can breathe again. Continue reading “Autumn. (Week 11: Poetry)”

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