50 Weeks.

Stories every week. Through art, writing, photography or music.



Ash. (Week 13: Fiction)

She was motionless, curled up beneath borrowed clothes. Bitter cold somehow found its way to her pale hands, so she tucked them closer to her body. Continue reading “Ash. (Week 13: Fiction)”

Rain. (Week 6: Fiction)

A single leaf flutters in the breeze. She brushes past her brethren, sailing across her mother’s branches before waving goodbye as she floats gently earthbound. Continue reading “Rain. (Week 6: Fiction)”

Golden Fields. (Week 3: Fiction)

“…. and that’s when I told him to pay for the hole in the roof!”

Both ladies, young and old, burst into laughter. Despite this being the hundredth time his wife had told the story, Ed couldn’t help but chuckle either. Continue reading “Golden Fields. (Week 3: Fiction)”

The Station. (Week 1: Fiction)

The cold wind blew gently across the table, strewing the wisps of steam that were rising from my morning tea. Continue reading “The Station. (Week 1: Fiction)”

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