50 Weeks.

Stories every week. Through art, writing, photography or music.



Deadlines. (Week 21: Fiction)

I slid open the balcony door.

The midnight breeze swept into my room, bringing along with it the post-storm scent of petrichor. Continue reading “Deadlines. (Week 21: Fiction)”

A Conversation. (Week 14: Fiction)


“Salutations :P”

Continue reading “A Conversation. (Week 14: Fiction)”

Ornithopter. (Week 7: Fiction)

I put down the manual and looked around the room for a few moments before my gaze settled on the mess of parts in the center of the workshop. It was almost done. Continue reading “Ornithopter. (Week 7: Fiction)”

Castles. (Week 5: Fiction)

“What do you wanna be when you grow up?” Continue reading “Castles. (Week 5: Fiction)”

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