50 Weeks.

Stories every week. Through art, writing, photography or music.



Autumn. (Week 11: Poetry)

I can feel again.

I can see again.

I can breathe again. Continue reading “Autumn. (Week 11: Poetry)”

Summer. (Week 10: Poetry)

The traveller awakens to the sound of the grass,

whispering tales of soldiers long passed. Continue reading “Summer. (Week 10: Poetry)”

Spring. (Week 9: Poetry)

The landscapes awake in a colorful burst

as the cold drifts away and releases the Earth. Continue reading “Spring. (Week 9: Poetry)”

Leaves. (Volume 1)

A Letter. (Week 8: Fiction)

Sometimes, if I strain my eyes hard enough, I can see him as he sits on that mahogany chair we bought at Gravesend all those years ago; eyebrows furrowed and pen in hand. Continue reading “A Letter. (Week 8: Fiction)”

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