50 Weeks.

Stories every week. Through art, writing, photography or music.



Years Ago. (Week 29: Music)

Continue reading “Years Ago. (Week 29: Music)”

Hearts Beneath The Ashes. (Week 23: Music)


Continue reading “Hearts Beneath The Ashes. (Week 23: Music)”

Rain. (Week 6: Fiction)

A single leaf flutters in the breeze. She brushes past her brethren, sailing across her mother’s branches before waving goodbye as she floats gently earthbound. Continue reading “Rain. (Week 6: Fiction)”

Waves. (Week 2: Fiction)

Several floors below my room’s window, the ocean rose and fell as if it were a living creature gasping for breath. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Continue reading “Waves. (Week 2: Fiction)”

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