50 Weeks.

Stories every week. Through art, writing, photography or music.



It’s Time. (Week 24: Poetry)

Clear your sight,

Breathe it in,

Feel the light

Upon your skin.

Continue reading “It’s Time. (Week 24: Poetry)”

Mirrors. (Week 20: Poetry)

She lay
right there,
facing her:
Continue reading “Mirrors. (Week 20: Poetry)”

Winter. (Week 12: Poetry)


It softly blankets the colourless soil,

Lifeless and cold after years of toil. Continue reading “Winter. (Week 12: Poetry)”

Autumn. (Week 11: Poetry)

I can feel again.

I can see again.

I can breathe again. Continue reading “Autumn. (Week 11: Poetry)”

Summer. (Week 10: Poetry)

The traveller awakens to the sound of the grass,

whispering tales of soldiers long passed. Continue reading “Summer. (Week 10: Poetry)”

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