50 Weeks.

Stories every week. Through art, writing, photography or music.


Short Story

A Glimpse Forward. (Week 26: Fiction)

She’s bloody well late again.

Continue reading “A Glimpse Forward. (Week 26: Fiction)”

Release. (Week 19: Fiction)

Sunlight races earthbound, navigating past naked branches and wooden skeletons. Continue reading “Release. (Week 19: Fiction)”

Control. (Week 18: Fiction)

Little breath left her bloodied lips as she stood amongst the field of bones. Continue reading “Control. (Week 18: Fiction)”

Lightyears. (Week 15: Fiction)


The blast of sound jolted my aching body from slumber. Continue reading “Lightyears. (Week 15: Fiction)”

A Letter. (Week 8: Fiction)

Sometimes, if I strain my eyes hard enough, I can see him as he sits on that mahogany chair we bought at Gravesend all those years ago; eyebrows furrowed and pen in hand. Continue reading “A Letter. (Week 8: Fiction)”

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