One of A Kind.

I’m not the biggest fan of romantic gestures, but flowers capture the essence of what I find beautiful. Nature’s artwork; little pieces of life folded into an origami creation.


There may be a million roses out there, but (as a favourite author of mine once put it):

“It is the time you have spent for your rose that makes your rose so important.”


He stood there; breathless.

He was alone.

Butterflies dived and soared like fish below the ocean. The unbroken view of wooden behemoths encapsulated him. A single light in the dark.

The Places We’ll Go.

Globes – to me, at least – represent the smallness of the planet we are bound to.

Billions of stories; adventures, romances, conspiracies and murders – all occurring during a single moment on this tiny globe.

Who knows where we’ll go next?