A Conversation.


“Salutations :P”

“You and your high-class greetings xD”

“Won’t ever do it any other way.”

“Wouldn’t like it any other way :P”

“Haha… are you feeling better today?”

“Definitely. Doctor insists that I stay in bed and recuperate though.”

“Well, as much as I miss you, I agree. Don’t want any more fainting spells, especially on your birthday xP”



“It’s… my birthday.”


“…and you didn’t wish me anything >:3”

“Wow xD When did you become a narcissist?”

“The only narcissist here is your sense of… narcissity.”

“I’m pretty sure narcissity isn’t a word.”

“Fine. Just don’t mail me another dictionary as a gift.”

“No promises.”

“Haha.. how’s school going?”

“Pretty awesome. I’m in the midst of compiling those 999999 articles the juniors sent in. You wouldn’t believe what a bunch of kids would write just to get their name featured in the bulletin.”

“Laugh all you want, Ms. Editor-in-chief, but I still have a file on my desktop titled *Why I Should Be a Writer (and You Shouldn’t)* written by one *braveknight2679* :)”

“Shut your speakhole, Princess. Times change xD”

“Haha… they do, don’t they?”

“Yeah… sometimes I wish the world didn’t turn this fast. Everything just.. rushes by, y’know?”

“Well, I’m glad I’ve got something that’ll always be here.”

“Hmm? Your poor sense of vocabulary?”

“It’s you, bookface. Wow, you’ve gotten harsh.”

“Just keeping up with the times. You’re too sweet :)”

“Haha… I do miss you at times.”

“Miss you too, Princess.”

“…aaand sometimes I don’t.”


“Do you still remember that lighthouse we went to a few years back?

“Who could forget? xD I hear they’re repainting it?”

“Yep. Glad somebody finally got off their lazy butt and realized how shabby the place was.”

“I think it was kinda charming the way it was. It’s like childhood; no point repainting something that’s perfect the way you see it, even if it seems run-down to the outside observer. ”

“You’re still not over that mural, are you?”

“Shut up. I thought artistic flair would be appreciated.”

“It’s alright. Artistic flair can only be appreciated by artistic eyes :)”

“Tell that to Mr. Paint-the-hallway-the-way-I-want-it. At least I now know to leave well-enough alone.”

“Cheer up ^-^ It was beautiful, really. Maybe you just haven’t found the right path yet. Y’know, to channel your talents.”

“Hmm. Guess so.”

“And hey, a knight never stands down, right?”

“A knight never stands down :)”

“Time is a weird little thing, isn’t it?”

“It is. Sometimes I feel like it’s a stream, and I don’t know where it’s taking me.”

“Well, we’ll just have to see where it goes, and stay afloat. Don’t think about where you’ll end up. Sooner or later, all streams lead to the ocean.”

“You’re getting better at these metaphors, I see.”

“Learnt from the best :)”

“Haha… I’ll see you next week?”

“As always.”

“Good night, Princess.”

“You too, Sir.”

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