New song!

I tried to encapsulate the feeling of curiosity: the knowledge that there are things out there we’ll never know about. Above everything, it’s a chill, electronic tune, albeit a little ‘mysterious’.

This track started out as an experiment; I was playing around with drum patches and beats on GarageBand until something decent came up, then decided to match it to an old piano MIDI file that was lying around the computer since 2015. At first, the song sounded too electronic (almost chiptune-y), but a rework of the piano tracks and the addition of a looped guitar recording shifted it to the familiar ‘elevator-music’ style I usually drift back to.

I’ve been re-listening to a lot of old music by Windsor Airlift, The Album Leaf and Port Blue, and was reminded of my love for ambient/electronic instrumental music. Songs like these just invoke a certain atmosphere, something one cannot truly express in words or lyrics.

The track’s here, but you can also check it out on SoundCloud, along with the rest of my terrible, terrible music xD


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