Years Ago.

There are times where it just feels right to stay motionless, sit back, and watch everything move around you. There’s a certain sense of drowsiness that comes to me when I stay still.

Sometimes, it’s okay let go of all those worries or questions about tomorrow, and instead let yourself be swept away in the moment.

It was with that thought that I sat down and recorded the main melody of this song on a piano. What meant to be solely a piano track (which seemed way too similar to Hearts Beneath The Ash), ended up evolving into a jazzy, lounge-y piece of elevator music. Unlike many demos I’ve been working on, this one just seemed to… flow. It created itself really.

To me, the result was an embodiment of that satisfaction; the joy of seeing all the puzzle pieces of the song fall into place as I edited the MIDI notes.

All I ask from you, reader, is to sit back, look at the beauty around you, and forget your worries. Enjoy.


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