Maybe We’ll Meet Again – Music Video

“Why are we recording?”

The 2nd music video from my album We, Explorers is out! (It’s been out for a while, but I have unfortunately overlooked sharing it on this blog.)

Maybe We’ll Meet Again? serves as the album’s finale: a celebration of the experiences which shaped me in the past 2 years. It’s peppered with audio recordings of countless friends from all the schools & colleges I’ve attended.

Here’s a full transcript of what’s being said – try and pick them out!

  • “My house WiFi’s too slow!”
    “It’s fine, it’s fine.”
  • “Why are we recording?
    “It’s for my song”
  • “Are you at Teh Tarik Place?”
    “He’s playing Can Your Pet.”
  • “Let’s race.”
  • “Covalent bonding occurs when 2 atoms share a pair of electrons.”
    “Listen to that high IQ.”
    “in terms of orbital overlap, the formation of sigma bonds-”
    “When you listen to this song, you might accidentally learn something.”
  • “Hello. Hallow. HELLO”
  • “Did you just spoil me? Well good, at least I’m not shocked.”
  • “Yay, we’re doing a Let’s Play.”
  • “What? No! It’s like swimming up a river, and then the bear… oh no, then what happens?”

So many memories were distilled into one track. I wanted the music video to capture just that, so when the time came to patch together a video, I decided to scour the depths of Dropbox in search of footage throughout my time in KYUEM and KTJ. Well, the result lies above, and I’m quite proud of how it turned out.

Along with it, I uploaded the WHOLE ALBUM with simple videos here:


What’s next for 50 Weeks?

What’s confirmed:

A new album! The Sleep Editions is in the making; it’s a selection of acoustic, stripped-down, or alternative versions of some tracks off We, Explorers plus a few new tracks! A release date will be announced here soon, stay tuned.

What’s not confirmed (yet):

A collaboration project (though not the kind you might expect…) is being discussed between me and a dear friend, but we’ll see if it takes off. Studies are and will continue to be our main priority (we are – for the lack of a better term – Asian, after all), but if time allows it this project would be a fresh dish out of the kitchen. Stay tuned.


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