Our Eyes Met – Music Video is out!

My first music video is out on YouTube!

Our Eyes Met is from my album We, Explorers – which you can listen to via all these places.

This song was one of the first songs I started making for the album, around 2017 in the waiting room of my dad’s office. I wanted to create a more story-based track: one that has a more solid structure than simple beats or piano. The story the track decided to tell was about the ocean – an almost living entity which houses so much beauty & mystique.

A huge inspiration for this track (& most of my orchestral work overall) was Sleeping At Last’s Atlas project, particularly the instrumentals. He’s incredibly skilled at evoking that sense of sheer wonder in his tracks, something which I want to carry to listeners as well.

In the past year, my family had been travelling to a lot of islands & beaches, which became the perfect opportunity to record both audio for the track as well as footage for the music video. The clips used here specifically were recorded in Pulau Langkawi (Malaysia) & Phillip Island (Australia), both incredibly beautiful places you should visit if you ever get the chance.

If there’s one takeaway from producing this MV, it’s that a stabiliser is a tool I need (but do not have the funds for).

I know it’s a simple video, but I’ve been thinking that I would rather have more candid footage of the world through my (shaky) lens instead of story-based MVs. Maybe this will change in the future – but for now, expect more documentary-style MVs like this!

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